flexible packaging products


AKA bulk bags, totes, super sacks, jumbo bags.

rigid drum replacement bags

Replace your expensive fiber/steel drums with a low cost self-standing drum bag.  Save transport and warehouse space (300 empty bags per pallet), reduce shipping weight, and lower disposal costs with our innovative design.

container liners

Ship your products in bulk while offering full product protection from moisture, exposure, and contamination issues without extensive handling costs.

other products

PE Valve Bags, Woven PP bags, BOPP bags, PE and PP liners, sand bags, synthetic pallet & bundle covers, lumber wrap, bulk bag repair tape, wooden pallet replacement options, custom PE & PP products. 

value added services


Our specialists will provide a comprehensive on-site evaluation of your current packaging operations and work wiith your company to improve plant efficiencies and reduce your overall packaging costs.


We offer over 50 years of combined experience in consultancy across a diverse range of industries and help you deliver fast, high quality results.


Get hands-on advice for your packaging needs from our highly skilled team of professionals.

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