FIBC Design Types

U-Panel Design

One of the most common bag designs in the marketplace and typically used in applications that require high safe working loads due to the bag's construction.  Made with one continuous main panel plus 2 side panels.

4 Panel Design

4 side panels plus a bottom panel construction that helps reduce rouding versus a U-Panel design.  The ipaQ version adds stability and stackability benefits.

Modular Design

The body of the bag is a tube of circular woven seamless fabric, making the design preferable for hydroscopic and finer materials.  The ipaQ version adds stability and stacking performance while reducing or eliminating product bridging issues associated with standard bottoms.

Baffle Bags

Also known as a "Q" bag, made with pieces of fabric or material across the corners of a 4 panel, U-Panel, or Modular bag to form a square or rectangular shape.  Used for products that are unstable, need to be stacked, or have limited space requirements such as in a trailer or sea container.